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Best Instrument was incorporated in 2004 to manufacture a high pressure, high dynamic range flowmeter for liquid chromatography. Issues with the best fittings at that time generated impetus to design fittings which would maintain low and consistent dead volumes, and maintain tight connections at higher pressures (15,000 PSI and greater). Business turned to manufacturing many types of specialized fittings. One of the designs implemented a new method of sealing and was clearly superior. A US patent was filed for this method, caleld 'Tip Sealing', in 2007. The patent was granted.

Unfortunately, two large companies, Thermo (Dionex) and IDEX began to manufacture fittings which incorporated the patented method, thus allowing end-users to infringe on the patent. This on-going activity lead to declines in sales of the other types of fittings which had been developed, and as a direct consequence, Best Instrument has ceased manufacturing fittings.

This website Best Instrument (a sub domain of is a legacy site, containing the last published Best Instrument website, and providing some historical information regarding some of the products manufactured.

Note: I'll keep this domain ( online for a little while longer, but I'm consolodating websites and will eventually drop this domain. Thanks for visiting! -John